Fur, Feathers, and Fins - a How-To Power Carve DVD with Master Carver, Teacher, and Author Frank C. Russell (Foredom)

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Fur, Feathers, and Fins - a "How-To" Power Carve DVD with Master Carver, Teacher, and Author Frank C. Russell. NOTE: This DVD is included in the Foredom 5240, 5200, and 5400 kits at no additional charge. This set of 3 DVD's has in-depth instruction for beginning woodcarvers as well as detailed tips for more advanced power woodcarvers who want to enhance their technique. Filmed at the Vermont studio of renowned carver, Frank Russell, Fur, Feathers, Fins shows the many steps involved in bringing simple blocks of tupelo wood to life. In over 3 hours of video material, Frank walks you through the set up of his work space, the tools he uses, safety concerns and lots more. He covers in great detail the carving of 3 different animal projects: A Cotton Tail Rabbit, Mallard Drake Duck, and Small Mouth Bass. Frank's congenial manner and accomplished teaching style lend to the enjoyment of learning to carve. The disc set includes a 25-minute bonus chapter called "Foredom Basics" with Mike Zagielski, Foredom's National Sales Manager. Mike goes step by step over the basics of using Foredom flex shaft machines including proper set-up, operation and maintenance. Fur, Feathers and Fins also comes with a carving pattern for the rabbit and a sandpaper template for a tapered split mandrel. You can learn more about the rotary accessories that Frank uses by clicking on Rotary Accessories-"Frank Russell Collection" in the left hand products navigation bar. Here's a listing of the chapters on each disc: Disc1 (1 hr. 16 min.) Carving Basics and Carving the Cotton Tail Rabbit: 1. Setting Up Work Station 2. Woodcarving Bits 3. Maintaining Control of Carving Bits 4. Cleaning and Re-Shaping Bits 5. Reference Materials 6. Using the Band Saw 7. Using Lines of Control 8. Roughing Out the Rabbit Blank 9. Defining Contours 10. Rough Hair 11. Setting Eyes Tutorial Disc 2 (1 hr. 2 min.) Texturing and Carving the Mallard Drake Duck: 1. Texturing Fur Tutorial 2. Duck Templates 3. Preparing Duck Blanks 4. Rough Carving the Duck 5. Contours and Feathers 6. Joining the Head and Body 7. Feather Groups 8. The Duck Beak 9. Feather Texturing Tutorial Disc 3 (1 hr. 23 min.) Carving the Small Mouth Bass: 1. Templates and Blank 2. Drawing Details 3. Rough Shaping the Bass 4. Defining Shapes 5. Split Mandrel Tutorial 6. Discussion of Fins 7. Carving Dorsal Fins 8. Burning Fin Details 9. Head Details 10. Lateral Center Lines 11. Scale Burning 12. Carving Dorsal Fins 13. Final Finishing of Scales Bonus Chapter on Foredom Basics, Rabbit Pattern, Template for Sandpaper Mandrel Included!

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