Downloadable Manuals

At, we believe that it's important to provide the consumer with the best information available before making a purchase. Foredom has provided pdf files of owners manuals and other important guides, which you may find useful in learning more about their products. For you convenience, we have provided this information for you here.

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Download Manuals and Instructions.

Below are pdf resources to assist you with your Foredom products and to help you make decisions about what to buy next. 

Owner's Manuals- Flexible Shaft Machines-Current Models

Owner's Manuals - Flexible Shaft Machines-Old/Discontinued Models

Owner's Manuals- Discontinued Bench Grinders, Air Tools, More
  Speed Control Instructions:
C.FCH-2, C.FCT-2, C.FCT-2CE, C.TXR-2,
C.TXR-2CE, C.SCH-2, C.SCT-2, C.SXR-2
Handpiece Instructions
Discontinued Models

Reference and Other User Manuals

Parts Lists/Motors
Parts Lists/Speed Controls