Product Warranties

Warranty of Products All of our products are new and are packaged by the manufacturer. We do not sell used or second hand products. When applicable, all of our products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: We are not an authorized warranty or repair center. All products that are under warranty must be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

For more information about warranty information for particular products lines, see below:

Foredom Product Warranty: If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact the Foredom factory directly using the guidelines and information below.

(The following content related to warranty and warranty claims comes from by Blackstone Industries, Inc. and can be viewed from the original source at RotaryPro is a separate entity and should not be confused with Blackstone Industries, inc. or Foredom Electric Co.)

"If your Foredom Owner's Manual references on-line registration, or if it includes a warranty card to send back to Foredom, please be advised that we no longer require either of these actions. We now request that you make note of your tool's serial number and retain proof of purchase for warranty repairs.
Products with 2 Year Warranties– Series TX and TXH Motors and Controls; Kits K.TXH440, K.TX300, K.5400 1/6HP Series SR, SRM, SRH and SR CE Motors and Controls; Kits K.2220, K.2230, K.2272, K.5200, K.5230, K.5240, K.5300, K.SRH440 Series LX and LXH Motors and Controls; Kits K.2240, K.2245, K.2250, K.2252 PowerGraver® (PGX) Motor, Control and Kit K.2293 Arch Trimmer K.1050 Brushless Micromotor

Products with a One Year Warranty – Micromotor Kits K.1020, K.1070, K.1080 and K.1090. Wax Carver BL Lathe and Kits AllSet®
  Products with NO Warranty – Shafts, Sheaths, Duplex Springs
All other Foredom power tools and attachments are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of purchase by the user. These warranties do not cover breakage or damage caused by accident, abuse, or misuse and repairs required because of ordinary use and wear. Repair or replacement will be done at our option if the product is post-paid to our factory. We pay the return postage charges for all items repaired under warranty.

Repair Services:

Authorized repair service is available at the Foredom factory. Send items to Foredom marked "Attention: Repair Department". Enclose the item(s), a packing list, your address, and the best way to contact you-phone, fax or email address and information regarding the problem or repairs required. Estimates of repair cost will be made upon request. It is our policy not to proceed with a repair without your approval if the cost (labor plus parts) is more than fifty percent of the cost for a new replacement. You will be notified and advised of the cost to repair and to purchase a new replacement.
Send Repairs to: The Foredom Electric Co., "Attention: Repair Department", 16 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801"

Ram Products Warranty: The following warranty information is from Ram Products, Inc.'s website. 

If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact them directly at 1-877-726-7763.

Warranty is valid within the United States only.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT   – These products are under warranty for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original installation by the purchaser.

HANDPIECES   – These products are under warranty for a period of SIX MONTHS from the date of original installation by the purchaser. IT DOES NOT COVER MISUSE, NORMAL BEARING, OR CARBON BRUSH WEAR.

IN HOUSE OR FACTORY REPAIR   – Repairs made under warranty will be honored until the completion of the original product warranty period. SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES are not covered within the warranty


All returned items shall be free from defects/alterations in material, workmanship and the products original design.

  • The product shall have been used under the conditions for which it has been intended, and in a manner for which it has been designed.
  • The product shall be operated in a manner for which it was intended and in the proper environmental conditions.
  • The customer must maintain the product as specified within the individual product instruction booklet.

Electrical and mechanical equipment and accessory devices which are mishandled, used incorrectly, and/or used for a purpose other than that for which they were designed and intended, will void product warranty.


Should your product require service attention within the warranty period, we will elect to make the necessary repair or replacement at no charge and providing the product is delivered prepaid to the proper address. However it is recommended that returns be adequately insured against carrier loss or damage.

All claims should describe the specific problem for accurate analysis and evaluation, the return date of the warranty card along with the supply house and/or dealer name.

No product replacement is permitted without prior authorization.

In order to validate your warranty, the online form on RamProdInc's site (available here) must be filled out completely within 10 days of purchase/installation. Or, click here to download and mail the form.

Proxxon Product Warranty: The following information is from Proxxon's website regarding service and repair.
Service and Repair Your device does not work properly? Please read the operating instructions again carefully. If the unit is in fact defective, please send it to:

Prox-Tech, Inc. Attn.: PROXXON Service Center
2555 Tate Blvd. S.E.
PO Box 1909
Hickory, NC 28603-1909

Please make sure that your tool is   carefully packaged   and include a copy of your dated proof of purchase. You will help us to react even quicker, if you describe the problem in short and please   don't forget to include your name, address and daytime telephone number. We will respond in a prompt and reliable manner.  
 Spare Parts You can also order any necessary   spare parts   from our Service Center at the above address. Please check the   article-number   of the tool concerned on the nameplate of the tool and define the part needed by using the   explosion drawing   in the manual that came with the tool.   Every part has a specific number   (5 digit-XX). Simply indicate this number when ordering and   we will ship the item right away.  

Please have your credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD) ready when calling our toll-free number


Optima Product Warranty:

The Ultima, Optima 1, and Optima 2 units (including the control unit, cord, and handpiece) carry a limited lifetime warranty against "manufacturing defects." Pen "tips" are not under warranty since their use, or abuse, is beyond our control. However, an obvious facotory defect will be replaced for free.

Pen tip replacement service is available through PJL Enterprises.  The fee is $7.00 plus 1.60 shipping via US first class mail (in the US, up to 3 pens).  Send $2.00 for shipping for 4 to 6 pens.

Contact PJL Enterprises directly for more details on what could void warranty.

Warranty/Pen Tip Replacement Contact Information:

PJL Enterprises
P.O. Box 273 (US Mail Only)
or 720 N. Perry Ave. (UPS or FedEx)
Browerville, MN 56438

(320) 594-2811